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You are invited to visit the last surviving 1700's structure of its kind in Virginia's Northern Neck!

The story of this tavern and its relationship to the development of Northumberland County and Virginia's Northern Neck reflects what happened in countless court house villages throughout Virginia and the nation.

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President: Mark Payne

Vice President: John Muller

Treasurer: Jan Beckett

Secretary: Judy Mooers



At-large: George Beckett

At-large: Cherie Carl

At-large: Kathy Rohacek

At-large: open

Culinary Guild liaison: Paula Hudson

Heathsville Forge Blacksmiths Guild liaison: Ken Kauffman

Quit Guild liaison: Jannette Jackson

Tavern Crafters Group liaison: Bev Thompson

Tavern Spinners & Weavers Guild liaison: Jan Lodge

Tavern Store liaison: Pam Miller

Tavern Woodworkers Guild liaison: Penny Mace



Corinne Becker, Executive Director



Updated: September 15, 2021

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Contact Information

RH/HT Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 579
73 Monument Place
Heathsville, VA 22473

Phone: 804-580-3377

Located on Route 360 behind the old courthouse.

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