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You are invited to visit the last surviving 1700's structure of its kind in Virginia's Northern Neck!

The story of this tavern and its relationship to the development of Northumberland County and Virginia's Northern Neck reflects what happened in countless court house villages throughout Virginia and the nation.

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Though not a guild, the Tavern Carriage House was the dream of Leo Rogers; one of the original Tavern volunteers. Leo’s family history involves historic carriages, thus his desire to have a display at the Tavern.

Carriages are apart of the Tavern's history, culture and life. The carriage represented the finest craftsmanship of early American transportation.

The Tavern's collection includes a doctor's buggy, a sleigh, a sulkie and a funeral hearse on loan from Welch Funeral Home.

The carriages are on display during Farmers Markets and special events.

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Contact Information

RH/HT Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 579
73 Monument Place
Heathsville, VA 22473

Phone: 804-580-3377

Located on Route 360 behind the old courthouse.

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